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For the First Time Ever, The U.S. Government is Warning the American Public About the Hidden Danger in Our Water

Most people think their water is ok. It might smell a little bad or taste a little funny. But they think it's mostly ok. But those people would be wrong. The water in your home gets absorbed in your boday through cooking, cleaning, bathing, and showering. Not just drinking water. The danger is real. Our public water systems are outdated. And the current water treatment technology and government agencies cannot keep up with the growing list of organic and chemical contaminants in our water.
The problem is so bad that, in May of 2010, something BIG happended. Something that's NEVER happened before. The US Government issued the President's Cancer Panel report. They finally spilled the beans to the American public in this shocking report about the water problem - after decades of case studies, independent tests & Medical journal reports. They finally admitted the chlorine, contaminatns, carcinogens and pollutants in our water supply are causing cancer. And most importatly, they are telling all Americans to install a water filtration system in their home to reduce the risk of cancer!

But here's the porblem: most homeowners have no idea this safety warning has been issued - even though this has been a problem for decades and it's only getting worse!



Harvard University Test Results

"Chlorinated drinking water has been linked to small increases in the rates of rectal and bladder cancer in a new analysis by researchers at Harvard University and the Medical College of Wisconsin. The findings, reported today in The American Journal of Public Health, are drawn from a combination of 10 previous studies. Using statistical methods, the researchers found that the slightly higher rates of the two cancers seemed to correlate with the amount of byproducts produced by chlorinated water."
"...the authors calculated that is accounted for 6,500 cases of rectal cancer and 4,200 cases of bladder cancer in the US each year."



Chlorine is a POISON...

  • Your body absorbs 2/3 of teh water it needs from showering and bathing.
  • It's a face: Bathing, showering and drinking chlorinated water increases risk of cancer.
  • Chlorine inhalation is a leading cause of asthma.
  • These chlorine byporducts trigger the production of free radicals in the body, causing cell damage, and may be highly carcinogenic


The Problem with Chlorine, Chemicals & Pollutants

  • Causes irritation, acne and an imbalance of natural, healthy bacteria on the skin
  • Skin becomes itchy - especially if you suffer from Eczema.
  • Makes your skin and scalp dry.
  • Makes your hair dull, tough to manange, brittle, and removes coloring faster
  • Cooking with it destorys the taste of your food and is very unhealthy
  • Chlorine, when ingested in drinking water, can cause eye, nose and sinus irritation

DID YOU KNOW? The water that comes out of your kitchen faucet has more chlorine than swimming pool water!


What is the "GREEN" solution that can give you clearer, cleaner water at every faucet in your home? 

A water filtration unit, such as the Krystal Klear System, that removes chlorine and heavy metals and prevents biological contamination.
  • Adds no salt or chemicals
  • Doesn't use any magnetics
  • No parts to wear out or replace
  • Retains healthy minerals your body needs
  • Doesn't lower pH level - and won't make water acidic
  • No filter cartridges to replace
  • Septic tank friendly
  • No brine discharge which is bad for enviornment